Places to Visit on Your Trip to Lombok Island

Nowadays, our lifestyle has changed into more stressful due to the rapid industrialization and modernization. Wherever and whenever we work, the demands for perfection combined with effectiveness and efficiency keep on increasing, thus increasing pressures to our daily life. To maintain our performance at work, it is important to have some break to relieve our stressed mind and body. One of the best ways is to have a vacation out of the city. There are many places where you can visit for your dream vacation. Lombok Island in Indonesia is one of the most favorite tourist destinations alongside with its sibling, Bali. There are a lot of things you can do in this island, and in this article, we will give some suggestion about things you can do during your trip to Lombok Island.

Each area of Lombok Island offers a lot of tourist attraction. The following list will describe about some of interesting places to visit during your stay in Lombok based on the map.

  • East Lombok: the tourist destination offered in this area is called Masbagik, a pottery village located near Pringgasela. You are able to see how the pottery is produced at the small terraces behind the houses by wandering around the village. You are also able to purchase the potteries for very low prices.
  • South Lombok: for surfing enthusiasts, this area has a beach called Kuta, which is well-known among surfers and sun-seekers. There are a lot of accommodations that you can choose around the area.
  • West Lombok: this area of Lombok provides several sacred places to visit, including PuraLingsar, Pura Narmada, and PuraSuranadi. PuraLingsar is not only holy for Hindu community in Lombok, but also for WektuTelu believers and local Moslem. This temple is one and only temples in Lombok where all people, regardless of their religion, come to pray. For Pura Narmada, the location is approximately 10 km at the east side of Cakranegara in Narmada. During special events, they will hold traditional dances performance such as Gandrung and GendangBelek. PuraSuranadi is the most sacred and oldest Balinese temple in Lombok. It is situated several kilometers from the north side of Narmada in Suranadi.
  • Central Lombok: several tourist destinations offered in this area are Pringgasela, Tetebatu, and waterfall. Pringgasela is a place where you are able to purchase traditional fabrics made by local people. Tetebatu is a peaceful mountain with breathtaking rice terraces, chilly green crops, and forests. As for the waterfall, there are 3 different waterfalls that you can visit. The first one is JerukManis, a waterfall situated at the north part of Tetebatu. The second one is BenangStokel, an area that has two individual and splendid waterfalls. The last is Kelambu, a place consists of five individual waterfall that create a net-like stream.

The paragraph above has explained about some places to visit on your trip to Lombok Island. This Island still have a lot of places that you can visit, and extra time may be needed to explore all of them.

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